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I changed my name!!!!

Look! No more snugglegirl18!! Gosh, as soon as I chose that username, I regretted it and have been doing so for about five years now.  Wow....five years....I had NO IDEA that I would actually keep this journal for that long. But now I have a username I love!! La_Reine1206...which basically is my name, but it translates to "The Queen" and the 1206 is for my December 6th wedding! It's my wedding anniversary! Well, I'm done being all excited. Shaheen and I are trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon and I am not sure I just want to go to just some island and lay out on the beach for  a week. I think I might want to go to Kenya and go on a safari and see wild animals....they have a baby elephant orphanage in Nairobi that I would LOVE to spend the day at...but they don't let you stay for a long time, the orphaned baby elephants tend to get attached to people after a few hours and I watched a special where a woman had spent the day at the orgphanage and when she left the baby started crying out and running after her when she left. I nearly started bawling.

Emmy Rossum

So she has an album out now called Inside Out, and I listened to a bit of it on iTunes, it's kind of Enya like....she has an operatic background, no doubt and I have had a huge girl crush on her since The Phantom of the Opera. She's so delicately beautiful! Take a listen on iTunes and let me know what ya think!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! I have no candy for the neighborhood children so Shaheen and I will be pretending we're not home. Well...I had some candy....but my fiance/big kid ate it all. Not my fault.

Geee I love this time of year!! Not as much as I love Christmas, but I do LOVE it!! Ah....Fall....I believe Starbucks captured it's flavor perfectly in the genius that is the scrumptious Pumpkin Spice Latte. If you haven't had one, go try it. Now.


I just saw a commercial that promotes abstinence. Yea telling your kids you want them to do something is great because history shows that teenagers ALWAYS do what their parents say and listen to them right? Good luck with your zillionz of grandkids fools. Sorry...these people are the reason why there are so many unwanted teen pregnancies because they just say :"Wait to have sex" but when their curious and experimental teenager decides to have sex....they don't know how to protect themselves then BANG-STD or unwanted pregnancy. These are the same folks who are trying to ban abortions...they are the ones whose flimsy abstinence vows are causing all these unwanted pregnancies.
My dress is TRES BELLE! OMG...Literally, when I cam out of the dressing room, people gasped.....when that happened, I knew that was my dress, so we had to get it, because they discontinue dresses FAAAAR too often not to grab the dress of my dreams up as soon as I find it! My mom actually bought it for me....she and my dad are paying for everything...although my dad doesn't quite realize how much money he'll be contributing yet but it's all good...he's got reeeeaaallly deep pockets and I will throw my very last and greatest, "But you never do anything for me...and I'm your youngest daughter...and this is the last thing you'll ever do for me..." fits. My wedding coordinator is awesome. I tell her what I want and she runs with it. Right now, she's hunting down an awesome (yet affordable) venue for us. I'd really like the Piedmont Room, so she's going to take us there, and there's this other place called Lambert Place that is super nice. She's also working up a mock budget for me to present to my father. He's obsessed with details and if he's going to hand over $10,000+, he's going to need to know exactly where it's going.

Just a bunch of crap!

So part of the fun of working from home is that I have rediscovered the joy (and trashiness) of daytime tv.  The joy: Regis & Kelly, The View and Price is right. The guilty pleasure: Young & The Restless and The Bold & The Beautiful! OMG I don't know why, but these terrible soap operas have me! Y&R is a little more dramatic and has some good pairings and SOME good storylines...although the writers are kind of clueless when it comes to some things. B&B is just OUT there! I love it. It's just sooooo...soapy...there are so many random things that happen on that show! There's actually a girl on that show who is the step daughter AND half sister of a dude on that show.

I love my life. It's awesome!

*runs through*

quick update- so tired
i sit through one hour and ten minutes of traffic every morning from 6:45am-about 8am then again at around 5pm-6:10pm to get to work

the job itself is fun and doable.  the work atmosphere is awesome- they feature movie afternoons, early dismissal, all the free soda, coffee, tea (iced and hot), hot chocolate and water you can get your hands on and give us free breakfast from Atlanta Bread Company every Friday.  sometimes they even bring a cotton candy machine into the office.  this is exciting.  first paycheck comes on the 15th. 

family is in town visiting, so that is steadily decreasing my energy level.

relationship is AWESOME, but he's going to end up working in Memphis.  That is some major bull shit, but he doesn't seem to think it's that big o' deal since we're "going to be getting married" and all.  wtf mate.  but for now, our relationship is not yet long distance. we spent last weekend in statesboro together, and his mothers home in macon where he is temporarily staying is less than an hour drive from my moms house, so it's like....from my house to megans....not so long distance....inconvenient....but not really long distance....yet.  we have way too much fun together tho.  we're like best friends, only best friends who have really great sex.

must. go. to. bed.

ETA: haven't checked EL JAY in forever and apparently missed some drama?  please call and fill me in MEGAN.  i don't have the time or energy to go back and check all the entries!

Hello kiddies

This weekend was pretty effing awesome if you ask me. Last night....err...the night before last was really awesome! Everyone came over and drank and ate and drank and decorated the tree....and drank!! We had an awesome time in between catchprase and the weird body pile that me and some other folks made on the floor! Twas awesome! N-E ways, I got home not too long ago from hangin' with some of my fellow G Phi alums. I love 'em and was finally able to share with them about *some* of my beliefs and was relieved that they were not nearly as judgemental as I thought they would be. Silly me. I don't give my friends enough credit. I have gone out EVERY night this weekend INCLUDING Sunday night! I rock. Yep. Me. Not u!


Things I learned today...

-I will never be mature enough to get an email entitled "Bigger Willy" and NOT giggle like a idiot.

-If you sleep more than three hours, it's no longer considered a nap.

-Lean Cuisines are long as you eat something with them.

-CSI shows a lot of grotesque-ness for being a primetime show.

Today was such a long almost sucked a little.

Does family mean nothing?

I read an article recently about a grandmother who wasn't ready to be a grandmother. She was in her fifties, her daughter was married with two children. The author of the author remembered how doting her mother was with her, always helping the family out whenever she could, but this woman says she refuses to help when her daughter needs it. Instead, she thought of a baby sitting schedule...note to those who don't know it: children don't do schedules. You can organize them and give them structure, but when kids happen, shit happens. She said she wanted to go travelling, spend time with her husband, work, etc. I understand all those things. That's something I want to do too. I remember watching an episode of the Cosby show similar to that. All the kids except Rudy were grown, and the eldest daughter Sandra wanted to name her parents as primary guardians of her children if she and her husband ever died. Anyways, the grandmother just sounded very very selfish. She didn't have time for family. "You're grown, you handle it"-that was her attitude. In the meantime, she'd been spoiled by having her mother help her every step of the way throughout her journey through motherhood, and she mentioned that in the article, but she just didn't feel she owed that same help to her daughter because of this new generation she was apart of. I don't think families help each other enough. They don't spend enough quality time together. Parents knowadays throw their child in front of a tv with junk food and call that parenting. Is this our future? "As soon as you reach 18, you're on your own, I'm living my own life" !?! I understand having your own life and living seperately from the family, but out of your list of priorties, are your first three consisten of Me, Myself, and I? Family should always be important shouldn't it? Helping each other, teaching each other, protecting each other. Family will always be there. Friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, and husbands come and go, but your family HAS to put up with you. You're bound by blood. My mom and I used to read to each other, we'd play cards, I'd put magic shows together and perform them in front of my sisters. That's quality time, and I plan to share that with my children. One of the best memories I have with my family is a recent one: It was my birthday, I was turning either 19 or 20, I can't remember which. My sister Diamond, my aunt Glo, aunt Sheila, uncle Larry, uncle Mike, my cousin Charisse, my cousin Lawrence, my mom, Levi, and some various others were all there. It started storming really bad, and all the sudden, the electricity went out. There was no music, no t.v., no lights. We had the best time! We talked, laughed, ate, and played board games by candle light. We don't need the modern technology that is vital to the average American household to have fun. I actually know of some families who would not know what the hell they would do if the power went x box?! no dvds?!

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